Riverbend Estates Housing Development Opportunity

Approval: N/A
START: October 21, 2015
END: November 23, 2015

This project, Riverbend Estates, is a 4-phase 263-acre planned residential community in the County of Brant on TutelaHeights Road. Riverbend Estates is the first Six Nations - Walton project under their Partnership Agreement.

• Developer – Walton Group & Six Nations as a partner

• 263 acres including 70+ acres of green space

• Six Nations to acquire an equity interest in all 4 phases; Phase 1 – 200 lot draft plan

• Six Nations oversight on all archaeological work; no longhouse found or ceremonial or burial grounds identifiedto date

Summary of Benefits

• The Six Nations-Walton Group Partnership Agreement will not prejudice, abolish or impair any existing or future claims of the Six Nations of the Grand River against the Government of Canada and/or Government of Ontario;

• Six Nations to acquire 20% of Walton’s 5% interest in the Riverbend Estates project at Walton’s original cost;

• Six Nations to receive its proportionate share of any net cash flow from the Riverbend Estates project;

• Six Nations to receive 10% of Walton’s construction management fees for the Riverbend Estates project;

• Six Nations to receive 10% of Walton’s performance fees earned if financial returns from the Riverbend Estates project exceed certain thresholds;

• Six Nations has an opportunity to bid on infrastructure work; potential for future housing construction work withhomebuilders;

• Six Nations to be compensated for the value of services provided, anticipated to be equal to the acquisition price for Six Nations’ equity interest;

• If the Six Nations’ service fees are inadequate, Walton will lend funds at commercially reasonable rates to permit Six Nations to purchase an equity interest.

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