Avalon Development

START: May 12, 2016
END: May 26, 2016

The Avalon Development envisions approximately 2700 residential units over 530 acres. One-third of the lands (180 acres) will be dedicated to the protection of environment areas and park space.

Project Summary

- 530 acre project lands, located east of Highway 6 and north of the Grand River.

- Technical studies, including Environmental and Archaeological Studies have been completed.  The Archaeological studies are ongoing.

- 180 acres are for environmental areas and open space, the remaining lands are for residential, mixed use, school, roads and stormwater ponds.

Project Benefits

- The Six Nations will receive 200 acres from McClung Properties Ltd. as follows:

  50 acres after Phase 1 (200 homes) - 50 acres after Phase 6 (1200 homes) - 100 acres after Phase 11 (2200) homes

- Protection of Environmental and Archeological sites

- Seneca Creek will be restored

- Has been and will continue to be opportunties for jobs

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