Project Description


Community Engagement (CE) is an important part of how we shape the future of the Six Nations of the Grand River Community (SNGR). The Community Engagement process is how we gather opinions on what projects, products and services should be developed for the Community.

The purpose of the Community Engagement Standards (CES) project is to assist in understanding what engagement methods are required to ensure the Community’s opinion is included in decision making.

Through individual interviews, focus groups, guided discussions and public surveys, Six Nations Community members and key organizations are encouraged to provide input on a set of Community Engagement Standards.

The CES project will include a process guide that will detail community engagement standards for Six Nations and will provide tools and templates for departments, organizations, and potential partners to conduct engagement with Six Nations of the Grand River.

Project Information

Fluid Consulting, a Six Nations-based communications company is conducting a collaborative, multilayered engagement with the Six Nations Community to help develop a CES Guide for piloting by the Six Nations of the Grand River (SNGR). This will outline community engagement best practices, recommend CE strategies, and minimum requirements to meet engagement standards.

Community Engagement Standards (CES) recommendation will address:

  1. Community Engagement Best Practices
  2. Community Engagement Principles for Six Nations of the Grand River
  3. Community Engagement Strategies (Average Costs, Considerations etc.)
  4. Community Engagement Standards on:
    1. Target Sample Size
    2. Length of Engagement
    3. Minimum Engagement Requirements
  5. Group various types of projects (i.e., development within the Haldimand Tract, outside the Haldimand Tract, projects on Six Nations, projects that disturb Mother Earth, etc.) and assign them to a predictable criteria for Community Engagement
  6. Recommend a complaint or appeal process.
  7. Recommend a solution/platform for how Six Nations can keep track of community input, conversations leading up to community input and confidential data. Recommend who should manage this asset, who can access it and what information should be recorded.
  8. Recommend cost considerations for projects and operations;
  9. Recommend a process for piloting the CES.

Engagement Background

  • An Initial Scoping Engagement was held April 2022, with 4 Collaborator Groups (17 participants) to determine a project scope to develop Community Engagement Standards
  • Community Engagement Standards Guide Project will take place between January 2023 and August 2023.

Engagement Schedule

  • CES Working Group (Jan-Feb 2023)
  • Individual Interviews (Feb-March 2023)
  • Focus Groups (April 2023)
    • Targeted: April 21 & 26 – 11:00 am – 1:00 pm, Six Nations Community Hall
    • Community: April 26 & May 3 – 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm, IL Thomas (Apr 26) and Oliver M Smith (May 3)
  • Community Survey (May-Mid June 2023)
  • Community Commentary Period- Draft CES (End July 2023)
  • Community Commentary Period – Revised CES (Early Aug 2023)

To participate in the engagement, follow the link or submit your comments below.

Download the July Draft of the CES Guide

Project 5 W’s

  • The 5-Ws of the Community Engagement Standard (CES) project are:
    • WHAT: The CES project seeks to engage the Six Nations Community on the development of a set of engagement standards and a process guide intended for all parties to clearly understand what must be done, and how, when working with the Six Nations Community.
    • WHY: A formal and embraced process outlining community engagement standards on Six Nations of the Grand River does not exist. In the absence of a common language, community organizations and departments have set individual methodologies for each engagement based on best practices and learned insight. This has made it difficult to conduct planning for Capital Expenditures and execute New Development projects.
    • WHEN: Community-facing engagement will take place between April – August 2023. Piloting of approved standards to begin in Fall 2023.
    • HOW: The CES Working Group will use a multilayered approach to 1) Engage Key Stakeholders through individuals interviews 2) seek feedback from community members through focus groups and to 3) survey the community using online and in-person survey methods.
    • WHERE: Engagement Information will be stored on the website as a matter of historical record. SNGR Community can participate through a range of methods including individual interviews, focus groups, digital and print surveys, and through participation in open commentary periods.
    • WHO: The CES project seeks to engage the Six Nations Community living both on and off reserve.

    Who is the Community Engagement Standards (CES) Working Group? The CES Working Group is a collection of SNGR Community Members experienced in Community matters, operations, and engagement. The Group’s purpose is to review, guide and provide input on a proposed Community Engagement Standards Guide and Strategic Workplan.

How to Stay Engaged

To participate in the engagement, follow the link or submit your comments below.


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