Consultation and Accommodation Procedure

The Consultation and Accommodation Process (CAP) Team is established and authorized by the Six Nations Elected Council (SNEC) to carry out the process of consultation and accommodation on behalf of Six Nations of the Grand River (SNGR) in accordance with the Consultation & Accommodation Policy.


The CAP Team shall engage in responsible activities, in response to matters that may affect SNGR’s rights or interests that will result in the perpetual care and maintenance or other reasonable accommodation for the peoples of SNGR.


The CAP Team shall be responsible for overseeing all consultation and accommodation efforts in accordance with the Six Nations of the Grand River Consultation & Accommodation Policy including:

(a)  Communications including meetings with proponents and/or the Crown to discuss proposals, policies and projects

(b)  To develop a working relationship with proponents and/or the Crown;

(c)  Educate proponents and the public on Six Nations land rights;

(d)  Negotiate a Term Sheet of accommodation on specific proposed projects that will benefit the Six Nations community;

(e)  Conduct engagement with the Six Nations community;

(f)   Draft definitive agreement for final approval; and

(g)  Ongoing monitoring of projects 

CAP Team Members:

Lonny Bomberry, Director of Lands and Resources

Matt Jamieson, Director of Economic Development

Phil Monture, Land Rights Consultant

Joanne Thomas, Consultation Supervisor

Paul General, Eco-Center Manager

Caron Smith, Land Use Officer

Dawn LaForme, Secretary/Receptionist 

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