Project Description


Nanticoke Solar LP (NSLP) is a 44 MW ground-mount Solar Project which is located in Nanticoke Ontario, on and adjacent to the former Nanticoke Generating Station site.

Project Information: At Time of Engagement

The 44 MW ground-mount Nanticoke Solar project will be located on and adjacent to the former Nanticoke Generating Station site, located in Nanticoke, Ontario. The project will consist of the installation of 175,000 to 210,000 solar photovoltaic panels on 4 parcels of land leased by NSLP.

Project Status

  • Stage 1 and Stage 2 archaeology work have been completed.

  • A total of 7 archaeological locations will require further investigations via Stage 3 Archaeological Assessment.  It is expected that Stage 4 Archaeological Mitigation will be required for some of the archaeological sites subject to Stage 3 assessment.

  • Construction is planned to start Spring of 2017 and commence Spring of 2018.

  • The Milestone Commercial Operation Date (MCOD) is anticipated for March 2019.

Community Benefits

  • SNGRDC holds 10 per cent equity ownership interest in the NSLP which is expected to generate not less than $7 million over the initial 20 years of operation.

  • Potential employment opportunities may be available through the construction contractor of the project.

  • Six Nations archeological monitors were on site during stage 1 and 2 of the environmental assessments and will continue to be engaged for the remainder of the assessment period.

A community information session will be held on Wednesday, April 5th, 2017 at the Six Nations Tourism Building- Assembly Room. Community Members are invited to submit written comments by completing the electronic comment card at the bottom of this page. In addtion, comment cards mailed to all on-reserve households can be returned to the Six Nations Tourism Building’s outdoor mailbox, located by the main entrance.

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Project Update

Please note: This section includes the most recent/updated information regarding the project. Based on community engagement feedback at the time of engagement, project updates may differ.

Nanticoke Solar reached commercial operation in March 2019. It is capable of producing 44MW of solar power with 192, 431 panels. Nanticoke Solar LP is a partnership between Ontario Power Generation Inc., Mississauga’s of the Credit First Nation, and Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation (15% Ownership).


March 22, 2017


March, 2019