Niagara Reinforcement Line (NRL)

START: October 16, 2017
END: December 15, 2017

Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation (SNGRDC) in conjunction with the Ontario Ministry of the Energy (ENERGY), and Hydro One, have brought forth a solution to see the Niagara Reinforcement Line (NRL) completed in exchange for long-term value for the Six Nations Community. 

SNGRDC proposed a three-phase bundled solution to ENERGY and Hydro One. Each phase is conditional upon the acceptance of the entire bundle. The phase include: 

1) Energize: Hydro One is committed to offering a contract opportunity to SNGRDC’s joint venture with the Aecon Group –A6N Utilities (A6N), to complete the remaining NRL transmission work.  

2) Acquire: Equity Ownership in the Line - SNGRDC will acquire up to a 25% ownership in the line for approx. $13 million which will be financed using an Aboriginal Loan Guarantee from the province of Ontario.

3) Optimize: In addition, ENERGY will grant a Renewable Energy capacity set-aside to Six Nations of the Grand River, to be used by SNGRDC on behalf of Six Nations, for up to 300 megawatts of new projects within the region, if further renewable generation is needed in the future.